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May 16, 2024

“Champions do daily what everyone else does occasionally.”

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Motivational speaker Inky Johnson shared an incredible quote that I wanted to expand on today. He says “Champions do daily what everyone else does occasionally.”

Regardless of if you aspire to be the very best at what you do or not, we have a lot to learn from champions.

They are the ones who achieve the highest level of excellence possible. They’re the ones who, though their performance, prove the exceptional ability they have cultivated over the course of years of preparation.

A champion wasn’t born that way, they earned it. And that’s what this quote gives insight into: How they did it.

“Champions do daily what everyone else does occasionally.”

Everyone has days where they show up. When they move the needle, improve, and make progress. But for most people these days only happen when they feel like it, when it’s convenient, when they’re full of motivation and connected to their reasons for doing it. In other words, they do it occasionally.

But on the days when they don’t feel like it, champions show up anyway.

They do not negotiate with what is required. They have a plan that they’re committed to and faith it’ll take them where they want to go. Just like anyone else they have convincing reasons why they should change course or take a break, but they do not let those reasons beat their commitment.

If you look at people at the highest levels of anything - Business, sports, self-respect - they all do the same thing in their own ways. They know the fundamentals and practice them religiously. 

So what’s our takeaway today as we use this example to inform our growth and development?

It’s a reminder of the power of consistency. If we want to excel in something, our path forward is to be disciplined and execute the fundamentals. And not just do it when we want to, but to show up every day regardless because daily incremental progress is what separates ‘good’ from ‘great’. 

In my years of studying high-performance I’ve found there are a few universal foundational elements that people must practice consistently to maximize their potential. It’s from this foundation that you can become great at whatever you desire.

Especially if lacking discipline has been holding you back from having the quality of health, career success, and relationships that you desire... I have identified 9 Super Habits that accelerate success behind the scenes, no matter what success looks like for you. 

If you’d like to learn what the Super Habits are and how to implement them consistently in just 15 minutes a day, this is for you!

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