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September 19, 2018

"Believe that something wonderful is about to happen right now."

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“Believe that something wonderful is about to happen right now”.

I really like this quote because it talks about the spontaneity of life. Anything can happen at any moment. While many people are fearful of that and assume the worst, seeing this concept from a positive lens opens the door to the possibility of incredible opportunities.  

You can think about this from a professional or personal perspective. If you have been working hard with no real measurable product of your efforts, the next moment just might be that breakthrough you have been working for.  Or personally, you might meet the next love of your life, mentor, or best friend based on a random chance or circumstance. Sometimes when I am in a random place, I think about how all of our lives led us to be in the exact same place in the same moment of time. How incredible is that?  Seeing your current circumstance in a positive way might be what it takes to make whatever you have been waiting for happen.

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