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October 23, 2023

Being The Best Vs Being Your Best

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Many people who grew up with competitive sports in their background have a belief that success is about winning. That’s how things were measured, there’s one champion, only one team wins a game, and it misrepresents how we should approach our self-growth.

Let’s take Michael Jordan, considered to be the greatest basketball player of all time and one of the most dominant players in any sport. If you’ve ever studied his mindset you’d find an interesting nuance. While he will do everything in his power to outwork you, outsmart you, and out play you, he also knows his own limitations. Jordan is a fierce competitor and his driving force was to be the best in the league, even the best ever, and even with that extreme level of ambition he harnessed it in the right ways.

He realized that no matter what you’re trying to achieve, the way to become the best is you must become your best.

Now all of us don’t have the same level of determination in our lives, and I’m not saying we need to. Michael Jordan would tell you how much he had to sacrifice to achieve the greatness that he did, and for many of us our best, most enjoyable lives are more multi-dimensional.

No matter the field of competition, we all can pursue being our very best. Whether that be as a parent and co-worker, entrepreneur and nonprofit leader, or student with big dreams, it’s within our power to give everything we have to the life we have in front of us.

Why does that matter? Because it causes you to care more. It gives you more meaning in what you do, which connects you to a deeper sense of purpose and makes you feel more fulfilled.

Many people are afraid to be seen trying their very best because they fear it won’t be good enough. They’d rather wonder what their best is rather than put it all out there. That was me for many years… But the only way you can truly be your best is to have the courage to show up.

And if that ends up making you the best there is, fantastic!

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