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February 27, 2020

Be Willing To Receive

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Are you the kind of person that rejects when someone offers to share a bite of their food, or makes a well-intentioned gesture that you would find valuable? 

A major factor in our subconscious processing and decision making is reciprocity. Evolutionarily, we evolved to be predisposed to reciprocate because of kin selection and a “strength in numbers” survival mentality.  However, in today’s society, we see it more as a favor for a favor and therefore we are less likely to act and be indebted to others.  But, it is very important to be willing to receive, and not only because of what it does for yourself, but what it does for others.

First, when you accept help or resources from someone else, know that you are going to benefit. If you want to truly accelerate your growth and potential you need to rely on the contribution of others. At the end of the day, we are better together.

But the second part is what accepting an offer does for someone else. They offered because they want you to have it, and sometimes rejecting that offer is even disrespectful. By accepting you support the other person and acknowledge the value they have to offer, which is a really important piece of a relationship.  Whether it’s a high-potential introduction or a few chips from their plate, try to overcome your distaste for forced reciprocity and receive the gifts someone wants to share with you.

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