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July 22, 2018

Approach and Avoidance Behavior with Erik Eklund

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Let us welcome Erik Eklund, a Swedish keynote speaker and storyteller. Eklund shares a bit about the two ways that we perceive our goals known as Approach and Avoidance Behavior.

"What do you want? It is one of life's most commonly asked and received questions. Yet, it is one of life's most difficult ones to answer. Now, consider this, our goal in life goes in one of the two ways. We either move towards them or away from them. This is known as the Approach and Avoidance Behavior. In avoidance, we are on the defense. We keep seeing the risks of negativity, and we limit everything in our life's. We wave things for what we want to happen to us. However, in approach, we are on the offense. We see the rewards and the possibilities. We strive to open up for opportunities and to create and make it happen. In approach, we can achieve what, at first, seemed impossible. So, here it is. Tip of the day is to get extreme clarity on what team you are on. So, here you go! My question to you is what do you want? If your answer begins with what you do not want, as in 'I do not want to feel hurt, or I do not want to have a bad relationship. Then, you are on the defense team of Avoidance. Move into offense. Move into the Approach team. Raise your standards and make it happen. What team are you on? The defense or the offense".

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