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September 18, 2018

50/10 Work Rest Ratio

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The 50/10 work rest ratio is just a fancy, more concrete way of regulating the way you spend your time working. And with the 50/10 ratio your productivity just might sky rocket.

The premise of this is simple. Spend 50 minutes working completely focused and undistracted, no checking your phone, no emails, no nothing. Then at the end of that time, take 10 minutes to address all of the little things that came up all at once.

The thought is that this will help you stay focused and minimize distractions.  By setting aside those 10 minutes to revisit the random things that come up.

This all stems from our subthalamic nucleus, the region of our brain responsible for movement.  It turns out the subthalamic nucleus also monitors our cognition, reacting to distractions as a reason to stop.  Something that helps silence your subthalamic nucleus is to minimize the stimuli around us, the random chatter, phone buzzes, email notifications, among other things.

Like I said, I am going to give this a try for the first time today, and I encourage you to try it with me! 

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