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May 12, 2020

20 Seconds of Courage

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There were times when I wanted to pursue something bold or share a controversial opinion or tell someone how I feel and I just didn’t have the courage. When my head was on the pillow at night it was so easy to tell myself I was going to do it, but then when it came to doing it I just couldn’t!

Well, this topic might fix that. It’s about having 20 seconds of courage. Literally, it’s about getting out of your head, silencing your thoughts of doubt and insecurity, and just doing it. Stand up for yourself! Ask them out! Be bold!

I’m not asking you to sustain this. The reason you aren’t acting is because it is so uncomfortable. But I am asking you to shift your mindset for 20 seconds of courage, because that’s all that’s needed.

In a lot of these moments, it’s just about initiation. The fear usually isn’t in the act itself, it is in starting the act. The truth is we’re more competent and prepared than we think when it comes to expressing the things we want to stand for. It’s the getting into that space to facilitate the conversation or the act where a lot of people drop off. We are extremely adept at morphing and molding to the setting we find ourselves in. 20 seconds of courage will help you arrive to the setting that you’ve been resisting but you know is good for you.

To delve deeper, the fear of inaction is based on the perceived consequences. Of course, we’re going to be resistant to negative consequences, but we need to evaluate how those compare to the positive payoff. Let me put it this way. Have you ever heard of liquid courage? Imagine being able to apply that but in a more intentional way. Are there consequences? Yes. But, how does it feel to act in a way true to yourself?

Long story short, It’s 20 seconds. That’s all I’m asking. You can do anything for 20 seconds. The next time you find yourself resisting how you feel or how you want to behave, and it’s appropriate, gather the courage and go for it!

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