"I believe that life is about discovering and realizing our truest potential."
- Brian Ford
Founder of Self Improvement Daily

Why Self Improvement Daily

Self Improvement Daily is a top rated personal development podcast. Every day we share a new approach, mentality, exercise, or thought that will give you the fuel and resources necessary to take a step forward toward your potential. In the content we are intentional about sharing different perspectives, stating all ideas in simple and clear terms, providing an immediate next step of action, and using credible sources and data.  Every other Sunday, we share an interview with an industry expert as a Self Improvement Sit Down, diving deeper into topics that matter and arming us with the best information the world has to offer.

Our mission at Self Improvement Daily is for-purpose. Our sole intent is to positively impact this world. The first way we do this is by empowering listeners to find more fulfillment and joy in their lives through content.  Sometimes, seeing something from a slightly different angle makes all the difference! And second, we also vow to donate a majority of the proceeds to charity, while investing the remaining amount in the growth and quality of the podcast. We're not for-profit... we're for-purpose! And we have partnered with the world leading organization The Greatness Collective, who is giving us the guidance and resources we need to amplify our ability to help others.


Does changing the world sound great to you?

That fact that you are even here reading this means you know you have more to offer the world. I encourage you to join a group of highly-motivated, for-purpose leaders who also aspire to make a differenceNothing changes if nothing changes... take action TODAY and step into your purpose and what only you have to offer​!

About Brian

Brian started Self Improvement Daily as a way to hold himself accountable to his own personal development. The demands of creating daily content required him to constantly pursue self-education, and implement the concepts he learned shared on the podcast in his own life. His personal growth is evident in the growth of the podcast, which now gets more than 50,000 downloads a week. 


Brian is living-proof that improvement through content is possible. Through the successes he has experienced on the podcast, Brian has become a thought-leader in the personal development world and has been able to pursue many unbelievable opportunities. He has been  invited to speak on other top podcasts, bring on influential partners, and deliver a passionate TedX Talk titled "Do it for the story". 


Brian is a former Division 1 Student-Athlete, works in a high potential health-tech startup called "RecoverX", and is driven to make a positive difference in this world. You can get in touch with him about speaking and mentorship opportunities at selfimprovementdailytips@gmail.com. 

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Brian speaking at TedX Southport Elementary
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