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November 28, 2022

Your Identity Is A Thermostat

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Based on your past experiences and lessons, you’ve developed a certain set of beliefs. On a subconscious level these beliefs govern every decision you make and in that way influence the output of your life. This is a defaulted set point that you return to unconsciously despite external circumstances because it’s where your brain is most comfortable.

These beliefs make up your identity, which is simply who you believe yourself to be and how you believe the world is around you. You may have heard this analogy before but I wanted to bring it up because it is fundamental to being the best version of yourself.  

Your identity is like a thermostat. 

A thermostat is designed to maintain temperature. No matter how hot or cold a room gets, it’s purpose is to bring the room back to the temperature it is set to. The room gets a little too hot, the thermostat cools it down. It gets a little too cold, the thermostat heats it up.

Your subconscious mind functions in a similar way. You will return to the level you’ve established for yourself through your beliefs and identity. What does this look like? It means that when you accomplish something beyond your level you regress back down. It means that when you feel motivated to change it’s really hard to sustain because you’re fighting against your subconscious mind. This is where self-sabotage creeps to knock you down a few levels so that you strike that balance your identity is most comfortable with.

Or, maybe you’re in a rut right now. Not feeling inspired, procrastinating, lazy, feeling like you're not making the most of your time. This could be because your identity has a low set point and you’ve come to tolerate that kind of life.

But fortunately, your identity isn’t permanent. You can update it intentionally. I believe one of the most fundamental identities to have is one of self-discipline, where you can get yourself to take action even when it’s hard, even when you don’t feel like it. In the Best Self Breakthrough Challenge I'm hosting, that starts Thursday, I help you systematically upgrade your identity so that your default level pulls you to do what you tell yourself you’re going to do. 

Imagine how much more productive, energized, and fulfilled you’d feel if you stopped procrastinating and delaying, and started acting and achieving like the person you know you’re capable of being.

If you feel like you’re leaving your full-potential on the table, or like you need a shake up to get you going again, register for the Best Self Breakthrough Challenge right now!

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