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November 2, 2020

You're Just Getting Started

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No matter where you are in life, what you’ve done, how long you’ve been doing it, this is true for every single one of us - You’re just getting started.

When something begins it indicates a change of state.  A change from nothing to something, no activity to activity. Things in our life are constantly in motion and every single day we start and stop and start again. While this might seem like something that prevents us from picking up momentum, it actually functions more like a cycle that constantly renews itself and redirects itself. 

This happens because when you’re at the beginning of something, there’s this energy around it, a tangible excitement, that encourages you to invest more of your attention in it and dedicate yourself to it. This fuels your ability to pick up speed at the task and soon be going faster than when you left off!

But now more on the experiential side let’s debunk something important. How is it that you can be doing something for 10 years and you’re just getting started? Well what I’ve found is that as you spend more time on something and dive deeper into it with more expertise, you realize how much more there is to learn and grow into. It raises the capacity and you realize that you are even earlier on in the process to mastery than you originally thought because there’s more to achieve.

No matter where you think you’re at developing a skill, building a business, or achieving a project, you’re just getting started! And that’s the best thing that could happen because then you can approach your work with a more youthful energy.

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