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April 27, 2023

“You’re going to wish you had today again.”

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Someday soon, all of this will be behind you. The problems you’re facing, the challenges you’re experiencing, the opportunities you’re pursuing, the excitement you’re feeling - all of that will one day fade away. In fact, when we get older we’ll look back at these simpler times and want them back.

In other words, “You’re going to wish you had today again.”

Even though things feel hard and demanding, you’ll look back fondly on this opportunity to build your character. Even on the days when you feel tired and you don’t want to exercise, you’ll wish that you still had today’s physical capabilities. Even though you’re stressed out and spent from a long day of work, you’ll wish you were more present with your kids because when they’re all grown up you’ll really want to have just one of those moments back.

We only see today for what it is, the present. And sometimes that means we neglect to appreciate exactly what we have while we have it. We’re living right now in the days that one day we’d give anything to live again.

So what does that mean for us today? Enjoy it! Appreciate it. Sink into it. Try to see the bigger picture from this perspective so that you maximize every moment you get. It might be hard, you might not feel like it, and your mind might be somewhere else… But as long as you remain committed to showing up in your life, you’ll have less to regret when you want these days back.

This applies across the board. You might feel like it'd be a strain to you in the short-term, but taking that chance and betting on yourself is something that you’ll look back on with so much pride, or if not it becomes something you’ll really wish you did and wonder what could have been if you had the courage to do it. You might feel like you’re too busy with too many responsibilities to really give that new business your all, and maybe you’ll have to live with the fact that your fears got in the way of tapping into your fullest potential.

The truth is we only get today once and then relive it forever as a memory. So let’s create more memories that represent that life we want to have, being the person we want to be, experiencing things the way we want to experience them, and being courageous in the ways we know that challenge us. Easier said than done, but it all starts with planting the seed and making the choice, today.

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