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April 14, 2022

"You are an army of one."

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We need to make some serious moves to truly address the world’s biggest problems. The systems, biases, and bureaucracies run so deep that it can feel near impossible to move the needle on an issue. It often keeps people from trying at all. But not you, not us! And today I want to show you how truly powerful you are. Not only is it true that you can make a difference, oh yes you can, but you are an army of one.

Not to reference war too much here, but let’s think more philosophically about what armies do. There’s a leader, or group of leaders, who want to change the world. While not always done with the right intentions or for the right reasons, these leaders assemble armies to go out and shape the future. They want to interrupt systems and uproot bureaucracies so that there’s less resistance to their objective. War has played a role in massive loss and despair, of course, but it has also been the source of incredible progress.

You, yourself, are your own army. You are perfectly capable of identifying a change you wish to see in the world and creating it. You don’t use weapons to enforce your dominance, but instead inspiration, love, and humility. You don’t need to be at war to fight for something, but you need to figure out what’s worth fighting for. What injustice you’re standing up against? What area you seek to improve within yourself and your community? What gift you want to bring to the world?  Move confidently, like you’ve got an army behind you, because you do. And that army is you. Don’t underestimate your power and never lose hope for a better future.

So you’re an army of one, now let’s put you to work - What battle are you fighting next?

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