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January 24, 2021

SISD #44 - The Practice of Happiness with Nataly Kogan

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Topics Covered

  • The Five Happiness Anchors - How acceptance, gratitude, self-care, intentional kindness, and the bigger why. These 5 skills can be practiced and used on a daily basis to generate more of it.
  • Scheduling Priorities - It’s not inauthentic to allocate the time to spontaneously call someone or plan to do a random act of kindness. If anything it represents your intentions and demonstrates how that is important to you.
  • Happiness Is Accepting All Emotions - It creates a lot of resistance to fight your own feelings, which contributes to a state of unhappiness.

Highlight Quotes

  • “Research shows that our happiness over our lifetime has much less to do with peak experiences and much more to do with a frequency of positive emotions throughout the day.”
  • “Happiness is a skill you can learn and practice.”
  • “That what you resist persists. Just because you distract yourself from stress or worry doesn’t make the feeling go away.”
  • “Challenge is constant but struggle is optional.”

About Nataly

Nataly is the founder of Happier.com, the author of the book "Happier Now", and developed the Happier App to help people connect with joy and the little blessings in life more often. She is  a sought after corporate and keynote speaker who talks about the value of emotional health and how to implement real "happiness anchors" in your life.


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