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May 11, 2023

"Wish for more wishes."

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We all can think back to when we were kids and asked to make a wish before blowing out our birthday candles. Many people joke that instead of thinking hard about your one wish, you can just wish for more wishes. Yet we don’t. For some reasons, something that is so simple and logical to do feels like it’s cheating the system. Why is that?

While this is just a basic example it’s representative of a larger trend. For all of our lives we’ve been taught that we can’t do things. You can’t just quit your job and start your own business. You can’t move to a new town just because you want to. You can’t just go on a trip at a moment's notice. 

Are you sure you can afford it? Have you considered the consequences? Is this the responsible thing to do?

But the truth is - We can. All of those things - going into business for yourself, moving towns, going on a spontaneous trip - are extremely doable. In fact people do it every single day. 

What keeps more people from doing it is this learned tendency that we can’t, which has been handed down for generations infusing itself in our subconscious belief systems.

Just like you can’t wish for more wishes, right? Well of course you can! And you should.

Someone who is telling you that you can’t have what you want is just projecting their insecurities and limitations on you. Do you want to believe them, or do you want to believe the voice of possibility in your head that is telling you to go after your dreams?

The main thing keeping people from pursuing their dreams is taking the small first step of committing to doing it. They don’t have the courage to go against the fold and wish for more wishes. 

I say it every single day on the podcast - Yes you can! Maybe it’s time you start challenging the constraints that you’ve allowed into your world and probing into the unlimited life you want to live. Allow yourself to dream big. Listen to your intuition and path over the critical voices around you.

It’s okay to dream big and get what you want in life. You deserve it! And you can create it for yourself once you stop getting in your own way and start playing your game of life and not anyone else’s.

If this helped you have a perspective shift today, please share this article with someone you care about and invite them onto this journey with you.

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