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August 9, 2020

SISD #33 - Living Your Best Life with Chalene Johnson

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Topics Covered:

  • Priority Clarity Statement - Life will inevitably change, and it's important that you reevaluate your priorities so that you focus on the things in your life that are most appropriate and most urgent.
  • Responsibilities as an Educator - After coming to terms with her own health-scare, Chalene needed correct the wrongs she did not only to herself but to her loyal community, handling it with transparency and integrity.
  • Obstacles - Do not focus on that obstacles you are overcoming. You will run into what you focus on. Instead focus on the dreams and aspirations behind the obstacles.
  • Work-Life Balance - A balanced life involves having the right expectations across all domains. It is not worth it to kill yourself in pursuit of an advanced reality because it sacrifices your ability to be satisfied in the present moment.

Highlight Quotes:

  • "It is enough."
  • "Looking good is different than being healthy."
  • "Trust me, once the baby comes you'll come up with a name. Sometimes we try to fixate on the beginning steps or the irrelevant things."
  • "With our personal policies, if we're going to compromise them it's going to be a joint decision. It's how my husband and I respect each other and show respect for our marriage before our business, and that order of things matters."

About Chalene:

Chalene is one of the most prolific fitness infomercial stars ever, a trusted resource for nutrition and healthy living through her 131 method, she’s a digital marketing and branding specialist, and most importantly a beautiful mother of two. She is also an author and a sought after speaker. Like anyone else, Chalene’s rise to the top has been riddled with mistakes and lessons, but she’s come through them with more confidence and clarity on how she’s meant to serve others.


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