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February 1, 2021

What You Do Matters

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It's time to dispel an old myth because it is the roadblock to so much prosperity. To put it simply, what you do matters, in all areas of your life, and I’ll show you why. 

First let’s talk about this concept called the Butterfly Effect, I believe it was a movie that showcased how the smallest of changes can have major, unforeseen consequences. This was presented as it relates to creating the future, and how one small decision here can create a whole world of difference somewhere else.

Of course, and this has come up hundreds of times, the small things you do on a daily basis matter. Being disciplined in your routines slowly strengthens you, allowing you to grow into a more energized and actualized person.

And let’s talk about this through the lens of impact as well. Your small choice to show up positively or negatively to one person matters! Who knows how that energy goes on to affect other people in their day, and it very quickly could grow into an exponential. The same goes for social impact. We don’t think that small, seemingly insignificant contributions make a difference.  That couldn’t be further from the case, because you have no idea how your example might inspire someone else with more means, and how your contribution is a necessary drop in the sea of change you’re a part of.

I really want you to get this - What you do matters, because in every moment you are creating the future. There are an infinite amount of ways the world can go, but your choices make one of those possibilities a reality, and we better start making the right choices to create the right future.

As it relates to social impact, check out the platform I’ve created called For Purpose at www.forpurpose.com, and you’ll start to see the real effect your decisions can have in the community!

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