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May 24, 2024

What To Do With More Information

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I so appreciate you for following along on my journey and message, but I want to call something out about it…

I bet that most of what I share isn’t all that new to you. 

You’ve probably already heard it before in books, Youtube videos and Ted Talks, on podcasts (and even in some of my past episodes!).

Yet it’s still valuable, and here’s why.

The information requires context. When you learn you relate it to your immediate environment. This gives the same ideas different meanings in different settings, and different points of application. 

This is the exact reason why my ratio for reading books is that I reread two for every new one. I’ve found this to be most impactful for me because I can take the same insights that I already know are really good and use them in an entirely new way.

I also do this because retention is important. Hearing the same ideas over and over again helps you recall it more naturally. It also increases the impact the lessons have on your life.

And of course, I’d be remiss not to mention that acquiring information alone isn’t enough. In “The Compound Effect” Darren Hardy says “Knowledge isn’t power, it’s potential power.” It works like electricity in a light switch in that the information is only valuable when you turn it on.

The other metaphor I use to explain this is about a car.

When we’re spending time learning new things it’s like filling gas in the tank. You need gas to go, but the gas itself won’t cause you to go anywhere new. You need to turn the engine on and press the accelerator to actually start moving.

On your self-improvement journey, and with the abundance of resources that are available to you, I can confidently say that you already have enough information.

You have a full gas tank.

Now if you don’t like how well your car is performing (or feel like you’re not living at the level that you’re capable of) you’re better suited to work on improving the engine rather than getting more fuel.

Practically, in our lives that involves creating new systems, setting higher standards, and changing our environment so that it more positively influences us.

All of that is built into the 9 Super Habits, it’s what makes them so effective.

To improve your self-improvement engine and better your health, get more organized and focused in your work, and become more self-disciplined in your life, I highly encourage you to implement the 9 Super Habits now so that you can reach that next level of performance that you’re after.

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