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December 14, 2020

What Are You Working On?

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Today I want to ask you a fundamental question, and it’s something I’ve been spending some time asking myself. When it comes to personal development, your self growth, and the person you need to be to make your dreams come true, what are you working on?

Is there a certain skill you need to learn or improve in? A limiting belief that you’re working through? A routine or habit  you want to instill? A priority that you no longer want to neglect? 

That’s why it’s called personal development, because it requires growth or advancement in certain ways that will create more happiness, fulfillment, joy, and impact in your life. Don’t get me wrong, consuming the content put out by Self Improvement Daily is a great first step because it exposes you to what’s out there and it allows you to reflect and gain self awareness. But in order to really pursue your personal development you need to translate that learning into something actionable. Like a seed that grows toward the sunlight you need to have your destination that you are growing toward.

So I’ll ask you again - What are you working on? And how does that align with who you want to be? To make that actionable a follow up question, "What can you do today to begin making progress?" It doesn’t need to be massive action, but it does need to be something.

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