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August 11, 2020

What Are You Proud Of About Yourself?

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I’ve been working through exercises in Case Kenny’s New Mindset Journal, and everyday in the journal he asks us to answer one simple question. “What are you proud of about yourself?”.

I found the question intriguing the first time I read it and answered it, then noticed it return day after day in this 60 day journal. While I didn’t understand the immediate value in reflecting on that prompt daily, I have come to see its importance and the intent behind it. 

Just like daily gratitude, journaling helps you live with a more positive perspective, and daily affirmations help boost your confidence or prime your subconscious. This is a daily practice of self-love! It requires you to acknowledge something you like about yourself in a really clever way.

That’s why I wanted to introduce this to you. It’s uncomfortable to compliment yourself, but this prompt is powerful in that it makes it much easier. When I reflect on what I’m proud of about myself, a full spectrum of things come up. Everything from recognizing my talents and respecting my work ethic, to the way I approach important relationships, to the small daily choices I make. What I’ve found is there are way more things to celebrate about myself than I originally thought, and I guarantee the same for you. 

So I challenge you every day for the next 7 days, write down one thing you are proud of about yourself, and notice how it makes you feel!

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