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January 18, 2024

"We truly are better together."

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Strength in numbers is a real thing. As humans we are designed to work in groups, as a team that collaborates to support each other. In a world that is becoming more independent and individualized, I wanted to remind you of something very powerful - “We really are better together.”

As I see it, there are actually two ways to interpret this quote, one that is more commonly understood and another that is more subtle. Let’s explore both.

The common way of being 'better together' is captured in the expression “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” To say it another way, the total output of individual contributors working together is more than the total output of individuals working independently. Good teamwork creates efficiencies that lead to better results, and more can be accomplished by fewer people when everyone has a specific role to play that maximizes their skillsets and interests.

Now the other more subtle interpretation is where things get interesting. Not only is “the whole greater than the sum of the individual parts”, but the individual parts increase their output when in an effective community. Another way to say this is that collaborating helps teams be more effective as a unit but also helps individuals perform at a higher level within a team.

The reasons why are the subtle dynamics. When you’re in a values-aligned and hardworking  community, you’re more accountable to staying within those values and working hard. Unconsciously we calibrate to the level of the people we’re surrounded by and adopt their standards, their habits, and their beliefs. That’s why your social environment is one of the most influential factors of your lifestyle. 

If you’ve heard the expression “you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with”, this is where it comes from. Being surrounded by people moving at a fast pace unconsciously causes you to speed up, just like being in an environment where people are lazy, unfocused, or lacking ambition will cause you to embrace the same.

That’s why in my opinion, the Best Life Community, a group coaching program I lead, is so effective for me. Being around so many people that are deeply invested in their self-growth, prioritizing good habits and a healthy lifestyle, with big goals for what they want to do in the world - it pulls me to be better without even realizing it. I hold myself to a higher standard and in turn achieve my next level of personal success and fulfillment because of it.

Now if you could quickly reflect, and be honest... Are you surrounded by people that make you better? Are the people you affiliate with helping you move toward your goals? If not, think about the changes you might need to make to place yourself in an environment where you’re around a group of people that help you (rather than hold you back) more often. 

If there’s one person that comes to mind as that person who speeds up your pace, inspires you to take yourself more seriously, and makes you better, send them this article as a way to acknowledge them!

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