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January 29, 2021

Want The Best For Others

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Life is long with many different chapters where we have different interests, pursue dreams, face different challenges, and overcome different obstacles. As you observe  the contexts of your life and the decisions you've made, you know that no one understands your path like you do. Let's flip this around and speak more to the opposite point - You don’t know what other people are going through, why they’ve gone through it, or how it’s affected them like they do. As much as you want to be respected and appreciated for the circumstances of your life you need to respect and appreciate the circumstances of others’ lives.

As we think about people from the past that we had relationships with, in high school or in college or in our first job, we remember them as they existed in that moment. With social media and casual gossip we get small glimpses into what these people are doing now, but we hold prejudices about who they used to be and reflect on them accordingly. The truth is it isn’t fair, and when these moments to criticize come up I encourage you not to engage in the petty name-calling and talking behind their back. 

I’m going to say this about myself but it’s likely true for you… We want the people in our past to want the best for us. We want to believe that we left a positive impression on them, and that they have nothing but support to offer us. Let’s practice what we preach and lead with virtues we want to see in others like empathy, understanding, and belief. It’s unnecessary to hold onto grudges and prejudices because they don’t serve you in any way, and it invites more negativity into your life. You don’t want that do you? Lead by example and want the best for others.

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