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June 7, 2018

Use Your Strengths with Stephanie Hall

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Do you spend your time doing things you are already good at? If your first thought was no, then pay attention to this video. Stephanie Hall shares the details of an interesting study and talks about the importance of making the most of what you got.

"Hey everyone. We are going to talk about operating based on your strengths. According to studies done by Don Clipton, people who leverage their strengths are six time as likely to be engaged at work. When your work environment enables you to use your strengths, you offer value in what comes natural to you, and success is sure to follow sit as you will excel in your roll which leads to empowerment, and maximizing your true full potential. When you know what your talents are, you are able to refine your skills everyday while you find joy in what you are doing. When people try to build up their weaknesses, it only leads to added stress and frustration. So, instead, I would encourage you to uncover your strengths and leverage at least one of them on an daily basis to see how fulfilling it is to channel your efforts into a way that comes natural to you".

We all could use a bit more of leveraging our strengths.

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