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August 11, 2023

Turning The World Off

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Featuring a concept from Darren Hardy’s book “The Compound Effect”, it’s only now (on my maybe 20th read of it) that something really stood out to me.

Darren says “If you want change the world, to rid it of all disease, stop all war, etc - hit the off button” meaning turn off the TV, news, and headlines that talk about it.

Of course he understands that this does nothing to change the world, but it does everything to change your world. And while some people might give push back to being naive to the happenings of the world, maybe there’s a version of this that could serve you.

Our perspective, mood, and well-being is constantly being influenced by the world around us. We’re not in control of the headline we catch waiting for a coffee, or the topic on the News on the TV at the gym. It’s nearly impossible to be in full control of what you’re exposed to while still living an active life. But what is within your control at home and on your phone is a great opportunity for improvement.

I respect everyone’s political beliefs, but does it serve you to get hooked by a new claim that defames the other party? Does hearing about how the homeless problem in the city is increasing add value to your daily life?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a purpose-driven person fueled by a desire to make a difference in the world. But I try to choose when I let myself learn about the problems in the world so that I’m in the right space to process it and do the quality research the adds value to my worldview.

News sources leverage fear to keep people’s attention, which they get paid for. This is a reminder that you largely get to choose what you let influence you.

So the punchline here is - If you don’t have as positive or an optimistic life as you’d like to, it might be worth looking into your consumption habits and go on a media diet. 

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