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March 9, 2021

Things Take Time

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You’d probably agree that in general, people are not very patient. Between the quick fixes, fast hacks, one day delivery and access to the internet at our fingertips, we don’t really need to wait around for things anymore. But what if I told you that impatience is actually an unnatural state? Just like other animals, humans evolved to be patient in order to secure resources that either exist in scarce quantities or require a long time to obtain.

So what’s happened here? It’s not that our nature has changed in any significant way. It’s that our expectations have changed, and those expectations are being inappropriately applied to areas where they shouldn’t have influence.  This expectation was created by the very technologies I mentioned earlier, as well as the marketing we are exposed to that guarantees results immediately. But technology is a man-made intervention, it is unnatural, and therefore doesn’t work well when dealing with natural processes.

To provide a personal example - I started using the affirmation “I am worthy” every morning as part of my morning routine. I’d expected to feel instant results, because that’s just how things work these days… but after a week, or two, or three, I didn’t feel any differently. I even felt like I was faking it, but I chose to stay consistent. Then after 3 months of reciting the same affirmation everyday, a switch flipped and basically overnight I started feeling authentically worthy.

I say this to demonstrate that when it comes to the natural process of personal development, things take time. It goes against the precedent technology sets for you. But with consistency, and a faith in the process, you can succeed. And showing up for yourself day in day out will bear fruits three months from now that you couldn’t even imagine.

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