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September 7, 2022

These Are Your Beliefs

Listen Now:

Something that is fundamental to your personal development is understanding the beliefs you hold. Your beliefs dictate a large part of your life because they influence every moment of your day. They live at a subconscious level and put a certain lens on everything you see and shape reality in that way.

You’ve acquired your beliefs in a number of ways. They come from your personal experiences and how you made sense of them. They were picked up during childhood, or during transformative periods of your life. And they were learned from those who raised you and influenced you.

That’s the problem - A lot of the beliefs we have we did not choose for ourselves, and we haven’t had the presence to question them or consider any alternative. It’s a matter of awareness (or lack thereof) that keeps us in our old beliefs, so I wanted to provide some ideas about how you can become more aware of your beliefs.

The first is an “I am” statement. This is how you identify, which is a byproduct of the way your beliefs are influencing your subconscious. Listen to the way you describe yourself to others, but also the conversation happening inside your head that’s commenting about the person you believe yourself to be.

The second form is “People are” statements. This represents how you’ve chosen to generalize others and in doing so, what you believe to be true about people at large. These beliefs affect your relationships with others - How you treat them, what you expect from them, what you think is good or bad for them… And in that way these beliefs shape your life because it shapes how you interact with other people.

Then there are “Life is” or “The world is” statements. These are your beliefs about how things work around you - What you’re in control, what forces are acting on you, and what patterns seem to come up again and again. This highlights your relationship with the big picture and where you see yourself in it.

Here’s the punchline - The beliefs you hold, or that anyone holds for that matter, are not fact. They are simply what you choose to believe. So how about you decide to have the beliefs that support what you want? Who you are, how other people are, and how the world is.

How about you feel empowered to shape your own perception, and live the life you want because you committed to it? You’re always one moment, one decision, one shift away from changing your life, and that holds more true with your beliefs than anything because it changes the filter that everything else is observed through.

I'm Brian Ford and if you want to start upgrading your beliefs so that you live with more enthusiasm and optimism, I show you exactly how to do it in 3 steps and 60 days with my Plateau to Prosperity program. If this is of interest to you, let's schedule a time to chat about how I might be able to support you.

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