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October 8, 2020

"The secret to having it all is knowing you already do."

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Recently, I’ve been guilty of being on the wrong side of this. I’ve been feeling entitled to certain results or meeting certain expectations, hoping that bigger, better, more - would validate the hard work I’ve been putting in. I’ve been letting external factors determine my sense of self-worth and influence my happiness. While I do trust my intentions and I know it comes from a good place, it’s the wrong way of thinking.  

The key word in this quote is the word ‘knowing’. “The secret to having it all is knowing you already do.” When you know something, it is certain. There is no doubt, no reconsidering, no wasted energy on different possibilities. Our reality is determined by what we perceive to be true, and if you perceive that you absolutely know something then it is truly part of your reality.  It becomes an inevitability that will exist once time has taken its course.

The best way to achieve big, ambitious goals, is to go back to the basics. What do you have right now? Are you taken care of? Are you comfortable? Are you making it? You might take it for granted, but time and again you have been provided exactly what you need to thrive and flourish, and you can have faith that you’ll continue to receive everything you need. Everything you can do, and be, and create, and provide, already exists within you. You are born with it and while it may take time to access it, knowing you already have it is the secret to having it all.

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