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August 19, 2020

The Role Model Mindset

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What is the role model mindset? Essentially, this is all about behaving and acting in a way that provides a good template for others. Another way that it is commonly articulated is 'leading by example'. When you’re a role model, you can’t take the shortcuts, you can’t fall into lazy habits, because others are learning from you as an instructional authority. In my mind, adopting this mindset primarily does two things. 

First, it holds you accountable to doing things the right way. If you believe that others are learning from your example then you have a duty to be responsible in the way that you’re teaching, and that responsibility creates a pressure to do it right. Fortunately, the byproduct of that means that you end up taking complete action, which is your best chance at creating the results you want.

Second, it gives you meaning. We all want to be able to positively influence the lives of others. It’s rewarding to know that your actions create ripples in those who are observing and duplicating your behavior. The reality is, you never know who is watching, you never know how far your influence is reaching, which drives more motivation to continue doing things the right way. 

A great example to sum this up comes from my beautiful mother. My mom was asked, “What is the best question you’ve ever asked yourself?” Her response embodies the role model mindset - “Will it make my children proud?”

You are a role model to others, whether you see it or not, whether you believe it or not, so you might as well start acting like it!

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