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April 20, 2023

"The richest moments are often the simplest."

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Today I wanted to share a grounding reminder and encouragement about how to live a more fulfilling life - “The richest moments are often the simplest”.

Living a rich life doesn't mean having a lot of money, possessions, or fame. That’s being rich, but it’s not living a rich life. A rich life is about genuinely enjoying what we have and savoring everything we’re experiencing. When something tastes rich it means that its contents are powerful. The mix of flavors are overbearing and so layered that you can’t eat too much of it.

But the irony is, the richest moments, that pack the biggest punch, are the simplest. And the most fulfilling experiences in life are often the ones that don't cost a thing.

When things are too complex they lose their authenticity. The more something is engineered the less natural it becomes. In a world that is so manufactured and optimized, it’s really meaningful to go back to the basics and immerse yourself in the simplicity of life.

So what does a rich life entail then? It’s not just spending quality time with a loved one, it’s finding fascination in who they are. It’s not just pursuing new experiences, it’s chasing the thrill of something spontaneous and exciting. 

In other words, the richness of life doesn’t involve the things that we think make us happy. It’s about discovering what is already there in front of us and being extra mindful of the moments when we’re in them. A rich life happens in moments. 

Simplicity is less but better, calmness in chaos, and undecorated beauty. And it’s within this simplicity that life becomes more full, and rich.

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