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December 25, 2018

The Morning Routine of Tony Robbins

Listen Now:

Tony Robbins takes at least ten minutes every morning to do the following:

"We all want to be able to change the way we feel, and that's why I spend my life showing people what to do. Most people don't know emotion is created by motion. The way you move determines the way you feel.You have eighty different muscles in your face. For most people, this is the largest area of unemployment in the country. Everyday I say look, you got to have ten minutes to yourself. You don;t have ten minutes for yourself you don't have a life. We think we are just feeling what we are feeling, but if we don't take control of our environment, it takes control of us. The way I do this process is for ten minutes I put this music on and I do this massive change in my breathing so it erratically changes the way I feel. And then, I do this three step process. First, I do three minutes of gratitude. I think of three things that i'm really grateful for. Then, I do a three minute prayer for my family and my friends, and then I do a three minute process of the three things that I want to accomplish, and I see it as done. Sometimes I go twenty, but the idea is ten so there is no excuse not to do it".

There you have it. Gratitude, thoughts for loved ones, and three goals for the day. As simple as that.

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