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April 26, 2021

Stop Going Through The Motions

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Do you feel like there’s anything you’re doing in life where you’re just doing it to "check the box"? You know it’s a priority of yours, but maybe you’re not maximizing the benefit from actually doing it. Another way to phrase it is that you’re “going through the motions”. 

I’m totally guilty of this. There was a time when I’d close my eyes and sit in my chair for 10 minutes and tell myself I was meditating. Or during a workout, would show up to the gym and hardly exercise, just there to be there and not really making the most of it. While I am a fan of doing the mental reps and prioritizing consistency, I also think not applying yourself in these moments is a partial waste of time. For that reason, I’m encouraging you to stop going through the motions.

You know what it is for you, that thing where you show up and you don’t feel like your heart is really in it. Let’s fix that. First, remember your reason for doing it and tap into that deeply rooted motivation. You’re doing this thing for a reason, how is it meant to serve you? Then once you’re inspired, think about how you could challenge yourself in that area. A challenge brings your attention to the task in front of you and helps you to be more mindful of the activity. 

For me, I remembered that meditation helps me think creatively and manifest my future, so I challenged myself to start visualizing my affirmations. Now I no longer feel like I’m going through the motions with my meditation routine. My meditation is serving me exactly how I want it to! And if you want to receive the true benefit of whatever activity you’ve committed to, then don’t let yourself play at half speed and change it up.

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