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January 1, 2020

"Stop giving energy to the things you don't want."

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Positivity is a spectrum and always relative. I sometimes lose sight of this, but positivity isn’t always about adding more good, it’s also about reducing some bad.

Something we do subconsciously is fixate on the threats in our life, which are often things that are undesirable. It’s human nature and in our evolutionary history to pay close attention to threats, as it was an important behavior in our survival. But things are different now, and we are in more control.

That's the first thing we could do to reduce the bad in our life: Stop letting it have power over us! 

I had a interesting experience recently that totally relates to this. A colleague and I were talking about imposter syndrome, which is a feeling that you don’t deserve the success or authority you have. Interesting enough, after I had that conversation, I felt imposter syndrome stronger in my life. The energy I spent talking it through with my buddy about how I had to relive my major bouts of imposter syndrome to relate to him, renewed the sentiment which began to effect me. I, then, had to restructure it in a positive way by talking through the issue rather than internalizing it. I also had to move the emotion on and out. 

You can call it the law of attraction or vibrations or spirituality, but the common principle here is that the energy you put into something emphasizes that component in your life. So emphasize positivity and you’ll be surrounded by more of it!

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