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July 24, 2019

"Stop doubting yourself. Work hard and make it happen."

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I am going to break this quote up into pieces.  First, “Stop doubting yourself”.  The most influential limitations we experience are the limitations we impose on ourselves.  We believe that we are not capable or not worthy of whatever we want to achieve. If I had to guess I think it comes from the way our brain is hardwired to identify and fixate on negativity.  We see all of the errors and flaws in ourselves, and focus on the 10% bad rather than the 90% good.  We have to get over it and stop doubting ourselves.

Then the second part of the quote reads, “work hard and make it happen”.  The beautiful thing about life is how flexible it is. Even though things may appear one way doesn’t mean it will always be that way.  To work hard is to take action on something in a very focused way, and it is possible to bring about change if you truly dedicate to it.  

The thought that our condition is temporary, and that we are capable of creating change in our lives through hard work, is a beautiful thing. It empowers us to take our time and effort seriously because positive results are possible.  With this new-found optimism, it’s hard not to be grateful for the opportunity.  Choose the perspective of positivity, take control of the important elements of your life. Lastly, be sure to not doubt yourself while you’re doing it.

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