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October 9, 2023

Standing Still Is Falling Behind

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As many people figure out how they want to proceed with their life - to move to a new city, take on a new job, date a new person, commit to a new health plan - they wait in a holding pattern. During the indecision people feel more comfortable to stay right where they are as they emotionally prepare for the change. It seems like only a short-term thing but it has larger implications than you might realize.

Standing still is falling behind. The pace of life moves forward with or without you. If you stay still for too long you’re going to have more ground to make up, and every day that passes it makes your goal harder and harder to achieve.

When prolonged, that extra separation adds weight to the decision being made, causing more hesitation and making you fall further and further behind.

How does this work in the world? Think about inflation. If you hold on to your cash without investing it, its buying power decreases over time. Or if you’re waiting on starting kickboxing or trying a new hobby, it’ll take longer for you to become proficient at it. 

So what can you do instead of standing still? Move forward. Move at all! The hardest part is getting started, so even if you’re a little off track you can make adjustments as you go. 

Now this doesn’t mean that you should just go at all costs and figure it out later... It’s important to have enough insight into the process so that you don’t go completely the wrong way. But it’s the overthinking about wanting to know the exact coordinates, and the perfectionism of knowing exactly how to do it, that keeps people from moving at all.

This is why they call it 'imperfect action'. To take imperfect action is to use the information you have, think it through thoroughly, and move forward. What this helps you to do is pick more information on the path that you can use to take your next imperfect action that slowly helps you to calibrate.

So sometimes, when you’ve been stuck in a plateau and at a loss for what to do next, sometimes you just need to do something. You need to break the cycle to refresh your mind and spirit around what’s even possible for you! Because the longer you wait and stand still, the further you’re falling behind from where you could be and who you could be.

If you think you could benefit from a kick start of momentum, a renewed sense of motivation, and reclaim your peak levels of ridiculous productivity and ultimate high performance, the Super Habits System 21 Day Bootcamp will get you moving fast and never looking back!

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