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January 28, 2020

Speed To Market

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I want to share a really interesting tidbit from a former SISD guest, Heather Monahan. She shared this story on her LinkedIn, I am going to read it now.

"I was on a flight to New York City and I had to go to the bathroom. 

Here’s the problem I’m flying GP aka General Public aka didn’t get upgraded and the line for the bathroom is insane. 

I look to first class and no line. 

I jump up and walk right into the bathroom. No one says a word. I move pretty fast. I head right back to my seat. The man next to me says, “how did you do that?”

I said 'speed to market is key and if you noticed I didn’t ask for permission'.

He jumps up and starts walking to first class where the flight attendant explained he would need to wait in the other line.  

I’m always seeing examples of business wherever I am. Don’t wait for permission. Don’t ask for permission. Move fast because speed is the new currency in business, and apparently bathroom breaks".

It’s such a good example, and refreshing to know that I’m not the only person that finds inspiration on airplanes. But, her point is about rules and permission. There’s always a way around it. Act ethically of course, there was no harm in what she did, but know that if you can’t go straight, you can go around.

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