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March 11, 2021

"Smile means friendship to everyone."

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Let's dive into a subtle line in an iconic song, “It’s a small world”. The line goes “smile means friendship to everyone.” Fundamentally, wouldn’t the world better if everyone was our friend and we had no enemies? Well it’s not as far away as you’d think, The simple gesture of extending a smile to someone communicates a lot. In such a simple way, it expresses that you see them and respect the journey that has brought them to this very moment. It’s inviting and demonstrates not only that you’re not a threat to them, but your intention is to support them, and that you want the best for them. These are all things that your best friends would be thinking, and all of it is conveyed in a smile.

As you’ve probably heard before, it requires far fewer muscles to smile than to frown. So… smiling helps others, it’s easy to do, and last it’s good for you! Smiling serves as a bottom up trigger that informs your brain on its current emotional state, and causes it to secrete positive neurotransmitters.

Smiling is a universally good thing, it’s a mannerism that transcends culture, and at an evolutionary level it signifies that you’re not a threat. If you're not a foe then you must be a friend, and I don’t think it’s too far of a stretch to say that “smile means friendship to everyone”.

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