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February 1, 2022

Simplify The Words You Use

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I'm so guilty of this - I have a tendency to use buzzwords and phrases when sharing ideas and I’m realizing that it might be for the wrong reasons. While it makes me sound smart and that things are fully thought out, it does a poor job of communicating what I’m actually trying to say. I’m realizing my ego is looking for validation and I’m not being as effective as I’d like to be with my words because of it. That’s why I’m sharing this perspective to simplify your words, just say it how it is, and let your message be conveyed as optimally as possible.

But beyond the business acronyms and buzzwords I think there’s a larger point here too. While language does a good job of capturing big ideas and packing them into smaller phrases or fewer words, it does take away from how relatable the ideas are. For example if I talk about 'abundance', and say “it’s important to think abundantly”, what does that actually mean? It means that you think there’s more than enough in the world and everyone can be taken care of all at the same time. And what about 'scarcity' - That you think there's not enough to go around for everyone in the world.

While it takes much longer to say, doesn’t it feel different when it’s stated in more simple terms? And that’s the goal, to share what’s in our mind as effectively as possible. I’m not encouraging you to always speak like you’re talking to a first grader, but I am reminding you that simpler is better in communication too. Now it's your turn to think about this - Are there certain situations you encounter where you try to sound smart?

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