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February 22, 2022

Show Up And Show Out

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My friend Demi has a mindset that has catapulted her to success in many different areas of her life. It’s very simple but at the same time it is very effective. Her philosophy is “Show up and show out”. It basically translates to ‘do it and do your best’. But what’s really powerful about this is you’re leaving value and opportunity on the table if you don’t do both at all times.

First you need to show up, which is not an easy thing to do. It can be hard overcoming the inertia of comfort to get yourself to do something, and on top of that it’s hard to justify any wasted time. At the end of the day our brains are designed to take the path of least resistance, to conserve energy, and anything else needs a strong reason and some internal convincing. When opportunity arises, no matter the obstacle or the doubts she might have about how worthwhile showing up would be, she finds a way to do it. To show up. Demi has built an identity around it and it continues to open doors to this day.

The second part is to show out. The term literally is taken from showing your hand of cards. No holding back, no reservations, giving it everything you’ve got. It’s unfortunate but many people don’t give things their all because they fear that what they are actually capable of, that their 100% is not good enough. So they hide it out of protection. Demi doesn’t hold back and she lets the world see her for who she is, giving it her all in everything she does. And guess what? Usually it is good enough.

And that’s her formula. You show up to everything you can, give yourself more chances to prove yourself. And then you show out. You give it your all and put everything you have into it. Compounded time and time and time again you’ll build skills, strengthen relationships, and gain a confidence that points you toward success.

To finish up this thought I want to challenge you to embrace this philosophy - When is the next time you’re going to show up and show out?

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