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June 9, 2019

Serve Your Future Self in Small Ways

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We don’t always need to do huge things, and bring massive change to our lives to make a significant difference. One of if not my favorite personal development books is the Compound Effect by Darren Hardy, which talks all about how making small positive decisions on a consistent basis makes a world of difference over time. Well, this concept is just one of those small things you can do to benefit your future self.

I’ll start off with an example that illustrates the concept well. I love water filters, and I finally realized why.  Every time I pour myself a glass of water, I was able to because I had previously filled up the container and gave it time to filter the water. This isn’t worth the excitement, I know, but  it’s a reminder that I took the time to do something I know would benefit my future self.  And to keep the cycle moving, I refill the container so I can do it all again.

The point is, take action in small ways that you know will serve your future self. It’s a morale boost because it presents itself as efficiency, productivity, and hope.

First, efficiency by doing a small action in the moment, you save yourself time in the future. And while you don’t know how valuable time is in that moment, it is refreshing to know that you prepared.

Productivity is about understanding the system, and taking action to be proactive about it rather than let it all build up.  

Hope is similar to how making your bed in the morning serves as a great reminder that you are capable of getting things done. Doing other small things will remind you that you’re moving the needle forward one way or another.

A few small things that come to mind that can serve you in a small way are, setting out your workout clothes beforehand, aggregating information or resources for meetings and calls ahead of time, and charging electronics before they completely need it. It instills a mentality that will help you make other small decisions, that turn into habits that compound and manifest in your life!

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