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October 5, 2023

"Savor the taste of satisfaction."

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This is something I really want to call out because so many people, myself included, are missing it. We live in such a results driven, accomplishment based, achievement oriented society. Any time we get somewhere the first question becomes “What’s next?”. And while that’s not the wrong response, many people don’t stop to appreciate where they’re at before continuing to push on.

For that reason, today’s positivity quote is “Savor the taste of satisfaction.”

When you savor a taste, it means that you really take the time to enjoy it and recognize it. You choose to be present with the experience, noticing the different tones, textures, and flavors in the bite. Slowing down to savor and enjoy something means that it’s meaningful and valuable to you.

The definition of satisfaction is “the fulfillment of one's wishes, expectations, or needs, or the pleasure derived from this.” However, oftentimes people mix up ‘satisfaction’ with ‘having enough’. Satisfaction is the more positive expression of ‘having enough’, suggesting that you’re experiencing sufficiency and that your needs are genuinely being met. The other expression of ‘having enough’ is about tolerating minimum requirements, and that you’d really like more but what you have is “good for now”.

So that’s the space to explore here: How do we pause to savor and immerse ourselves in the experience of being genuinely happy with where we’re at right now?

I firmly believe that the best way to do that is to celebrate your wins. Instead of glossing over the great things that are happening and refocusing on what’s next, take a moment to celebrate it. If you wait to celebrate at the very end, you’re never going to get to the very end. It’ll always be pushed further no matter how successful you are. So it’s essential that we enjoy the journey rather than wait to arrive at the destination.

My fiance is great about this. Any time I mention something positive that happened, she puts on one of my favorite songs, “Joy” by Andy Grammer, and dances with me to it. She helps me to slow down in moments I would have zoomed right past to enjoy the wins and savor the moment.

But as for you, what can you do to slow down and add more joy to milestone moments of accomplishment? Decide one thing you want to try now so that you can use it later!

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