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April 8, 2019

Rise and Shine!

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Rise and shine!

Basically, when you rise and shine correctly, your alarm goes off and you excitedly bounce out of bed ready to start your day. It’s greeting the new day with a rush of energy. 

I want that feeling every day, and if I want to make it happen, I had to realize it starts way before the alarm goes off.

So first, set your alarm at a time where you feel like you get enough rest. Having a negative relationship with the time you set makes it that much harder to listen to your alarm when it goes off. So, don’t ruin yourself from the beginning and set a reasonable alarm.

If your alarm is too early, then fall asleep earlier! Everyone has different requirements when it comes to their sleep schedule, so be sure you don’t neglect your own.

When that alarm does go off, then get up. In Mel Robbins’ book, The 5 second rule, she says that our brain can’t always process things within a 5 second window, so if you get out of your bed in those first 5 seconds your brain will hardly resist you.  

Rise and shine! Get up, get out, and get after it!

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