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March 23, 2023

Pronoia Over Paranoia

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This thought isn't so much a positivity quote as it is the philosophy of someone I deeply respect. Charlie Rocket is an entertainment mogul turned philanthropist who has a deep understanding of the quantum field.

Charlie says that instead of thinking that the world is out to get you and feeling paranoia, you can believe that the world is conspiring for you by something called “pronoia”.

Your reality is made up of the way you perceive things to be around you. Your whole life changes when you realize that you can choose how you want those things to be. One of my favorite formulas comes from Jack Canfield - E + R = O. Event + Response = Outcome. As long as you are choosing your response you will always be shaping the outcome in a more favorable way.

In essence, that’s what Charlie Rocket teaches about "pronoia". When you choose to see the opportunity, possibility, and positivity in the world, that’s exactly what you get. As Wayne Dyer puts it  - “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”

Just like any patterned way of thinking, the “pronoia mindset” is something that you must intentionally cultivate into your psychology. The goal is to make it the subconscious response pattern that is constantly shaping your outcomes more positively without you even being aware of it.

And the way you do that is by feeding your mind opportunities to learn this new skill. Journal about the failures or shortcomings you experienced and reframe them into blessings. Take the most challenging thing you experienced and reflect on why you’re grateful for it happening that way. This trains your mind to use a new lens to see the world through and it shifts your perception, and your reality.

Our natural state is to be paranoid. To be looking over our shoulder, wondering what might go wrong or how things might fall through. It’s our innate negativity bias making things seem worse than they are in an attempt to keep you safe. But when you tap into "pronoia", and believe that the whole world is at your fingertips, then it will be!

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