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September 30, 2019

Processing Emotions

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I must preface this subject by saying I am no expert, and it’s necessary to acknowledge that because it is a very important issue that often requires professional help. It’s about processing serious negative emotions.

We all have them and in one way or another can relate. Whether that emotion is anger, sadness, embarrassment, or shame, you must get yourself out of that negative thought pattern to move through it. One thing I am trying to learn more about is the role of gratitude in this situation. All pain and suffering is relative to others, and if we take a position of gratitude, it can discredit the emotions we are feeling because we are trying to compare them to someone else’s. But, be careful because this added perspective could be more of a defense mechanism than true emotional processing. It is okay to embrace your feelings even though you know others may have it worse. Try not to reject the way that you feel because you are trying to add perspective to your situation. In my opinion, there is a time and place for different phases in this recovery process, and gratitude definitely plays a role, but not at the expense of allowing yourself to feel the emotion.

There is no general technique that works for all people. Each episode is unique to the individual and their environment. Some recommendations include a combination of catharsis (or a large emotional release), self-love, and perspective, others involve intentional introspection and identification. What’s important is to give yourself the space and resources to feel better. Our mental health is very important and we need to be more okay having that conversation in all areas of our lives. And there is zero shame in seeking professional help, I’ve done it myself. 

Lean into the process that feels right for you and restore trust in yourself that you are capable of finding your center, whatever that might be or mean!

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