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June 11, 2020

Positive Thinking Only?

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What I’ve found with this so far, is it has presented just the right balance. If you’re feeling motivated and alive on an idea, maybe it’s not always the right time to view it from the lens of practicality or implementation. Many ideas don’t come to life because they aren’t supported initially, and this is our system to indirectly tell each other if we want feedback or if we want objective support.

Of course, that feedback is important and more than welcome, but in the right time and place. Setting the intention to share unrestrained positivity and optimism for an idea might be exactly what is needed to get it off the ground and address the immediate concerns built into the idea.

So, I’d encourage you, if you have an idea and you aren’t looking for feedback yet, to tell whoever you’re sharing the idea with that you want positive thinking only.

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