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June 15, 2018

Perspective with Gaur Gopal Das

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Success is relative and having a good perspective on the status of your life bring more fulfillment than you could imagine. A famous monk and influential figure, Guar Gopal Das, put perspective into perspective in this message.

"Whether you drive a Volkswagen or you drive a Bentley, the road remains the same doesn't it? Whether you speak on a Samsung or whether you speak on a Iphone X, whoever is calling remains the same isn't it? Whether you are flying economy or you are flying business, the destination remains the same isn't it? Whether you are wearing a simple fast track or you are wearing an Omega Rolex, the time remains the same isn't it? Its quiet amazing how we work ourselves up so much with increasing the standard of living without increasing the standard of our life".

Have a fair understanding of the privileges that you have in your life. You can gain this understanding by expressing gratitude, doing community service, or practicing empathy.

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