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February 27, 2024

Now Is The New Later

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There’s one day where all of our best intentions live… Where we feel deeply motivated to do all of the things that we know are best for ourselves and our career… When we’re more focused, organized, and dedicated to our goals.

Do you know what that day is?


How easy is it going to sleep at night to say “tomorrow I’m going to start that diet”, “get in the gym first thing in the morning”, “stop spending so much time on social media”, “be more present and caring with my loved ones”. 

The reason it’s so easy to delay doing things for later is because then it doesn’t mean you need to do them now. Psychologically, planning to do things later postpones the pain, inconvenience, fear, and uncertainty of what happens when you do it. It’s a mechanism to deflect discomfort away from your present reality.

But we don’t want to intentionally sabotage ourselves from taking the actions we know will create a better life. When we have good intentions, we wouldn’t consciously choose to ignore them. But subconsciously, our mind finds ways to redirect our choices and convince us momentarily that we actually want something else.

But just like 40 is the new 30, now is the new later. When we can pull the easy, inspiring energy of a future date into the present moment, we start to live up to being the person we want to be. It’s no longer an intangible idea but a proven reality.

What’s so powerful about this is how quickly we can string good choices together to build momentum. One positive action that leads to another, that leads to another, offsets the previous unconscious pattern and gives you more opportunity to make conscious choices. The bias toward self-preservation weakens because you have pulled yourself away from the familiar unconscious script, making intentional action easier to do.

Now is the new later - It’s a fad, everyone’s doing it.

And the best way to do it yourself is to take positive micro actions consistently that set the tone for all future decisions. I call these Super Habits and there are 9 of them that help you to live wildly productive days full of healthy choices that grow your self-confidence. If you want to learn about them, click here and see you can make good, full days more common and easier than ever.

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