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January 28, 2021

"Nothing is more important than loyalty."

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This topic is one of the most important things to me in my life - loyalty. Nothing is more important than loyalty. It’s not something we talk enough about, especially in today’s day and age where marketing is so competitive and we’re constantly told that we need something new to be complete. I’m guilty of it to some extent too with the content I put out, which is why I wanted to clarify it today.

When you’re loyal it means that you are fulfilling a commitment. You made a decision to do something and loyalty is about staying true to that. Often we are loyal to other things - our favorite sports teams, the company we work at, our romantic partner - but what’s important in each of these examples is to recognize that you are also being loyal to yourself. 

When you make a commitment you have decided what is valuable to you, and if you go changing your mind one day, one month, one year later, then it reflects that you don’t trust your own judgment. This compromises your ability to make commitments in the future and keeps you from being confident about the new commitments you make. 

If you think of it this way, being disloyal can be seen through the lens of seeking more because you’re not satisfied, that you can’t have enough, which has roots in the way you fill your own needs and think about your own self-worth. I say “Nothing is more important than loyalty” because nothing is more important than the way you think about yourself. You are enough as you are, you have enough to offer, and being loyal to the things you commit to is the best way of proving that to yourself.

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