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April 28, 2020

Nobody's Prefect

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I wanted to bring back and elaborate on something that I talked about last weekend in the SISD with Dr. Sangeeta Sahi. We talked about this idea of perfection, and why we are so desperate to strive for it. But, guess what! Nobody’s Prefect!

It’s hard to see that because we see the “perfect” version of everyone else. Why that is? It’s because that’s all they choose to share. I want to present an alternative opinion that we touched on in the conversation, it’s that perfection is actually a disadvantage, and once you understand that for yourself, you won’t want to be prefect either.

The dictionary definition of perfect is, “having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be”. What this suggests, but doesn’t overtly state, is that perfection is observable and external. It doesn’t speak at all to the means required to achieve that end. Behind the scenes, the people and things that appear to be “perfect” were produced through processes that aren’t sustainable or flexible. This means that they were designed specifically for one application, which has already come and gone given the speed that the world is changing at, making perfection virtually unattainable.

That’s why Darwin’s theory of natural selection and “Survival of the fittest” operates in a different way. Darwin states, “it’s the species most adaptable to change that persist and thrive”. Don’t strive for being perfect, nobody’s prefect. Instead strive to be authentic and diversified, also known as unique. Because the more adaptable you are to the things present in the current environment, the more amazing things that happen.

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