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April 12, 2022

New Baseline. New Limits.

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Your self improvement and personal development all really boils down to one thing. Growth. That takes the form of broadening perspective, increasing self-awareness, developing skills... and the focus of today’s thought - Setting new limits. The evidence of your growth is that you can do things you couldn’t do before, and it’s witnessing your own progress that really delivers the reward we’re all after.

The traditional way to think about setting new limits is to stretch yourself. You need to try new things, get outside your comfort zone, and really put yourself in situations that cause you to grow. I agree, that’s all true, but I think there’s an equally important part of the equation that many people overlook, and that’s to establish a new baseline.

Try and visualize this. There’s a scale that goes 1-20, let’s say your baseline is a 7 and your limit is a 12. This basically means there are 5 different levels of difficulty between your baseline and your limit. Yes, you can go and try to do something at a 15 (that’s the stretching yourself side). But what if you moved your 7 baseline up to a 10? Then your limit, which is 5 levels higher, becomes 15 instead of the 12 it was previously at.

By focusing on the core competencies, fundamentals, and foundations, you can raise the level you operate at with no effort. That is your baseline right? You achieve that by holding yourself to a certain attainable, repeatable standard that you consistently deliver on. For example, your baseline could be to workout for 30 minutes a day instead of 20. You read 20 pages of a book a week instead of 10. You meditate 2 times a week instead of one. When you set the intention to establish a new baseline, and you consistently execute on it, you’ll find that you become capable of more because your limit adjusted proportionately.

That’s what we all want right? To grow, and experience, and truly live! We get that at our limits. To integrate this concept into your life, answer this question for yourself - What baseline are you committed to taking to the next level?

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