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January 12, 2023

“Never take a single breath for granted.”

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This featured quote represents a timeless principle through a modern lens. I’m sure you’ve heard of the idea of not taking things “for granted”. It basically means that there are so many things in our life that we’ve grown accustomed to, that are just normal components of our life and we don’t know much different. But there are many people that don’t have those same things and there’s nothing they want more in the world than that.

Just to provide a few examples: If you are able-bodied and you can walk, that’s a gift. There are many people who can’t, whether it be because of an unexpected accident, a disease, or old-age. We don’t often think about how nice it is to be able to walk until we realize what it would be like if we couldn’t.

The same goes for basic utilities - Water, electricity, internet, insulation. Imagine how much more uncomfortable and inconvenient your life would be if you didn’t have those basic things. There are people on this planet right now who don’t.

But now getting more narrow on today’s quote - “Never take a single breath for granted.” As humans, breath is the indicator of life. If you’re not breathing you’re no longer living. Every single moment you take a breath is another opportunity for you to experience this miracle that is life.

Truly, everything about life is extraordinary. Not only thinking about the odds that you came to be in the first place, but the way that all of your body’s processes are working in perfect synchronicity is phenomenal. And it should be viewed as such, but many people are blind to it.

Many people go another day, getting through what’s ahead of them and “checking the box” in life. They’re not present in the moment, finding joy and curiosity in what’s around them, or feeling the edge of their capabilities. They’re just kind of existing, but they’re not living.

I don’t know anything about what happens after death, but what has been documented for people on their deathbed is that one of their main regrets is to not have showed up for life as fully as they could have.

The end of our life is always around the corner and nothing is guaranteed. So how can you honor that moment and live with more intention, presence, and purpose right now? Tying it back to a timeless principle, all of this echoes what the Stoic philosophers called “Memento Mori”. To summarize, it translates to “you will die”, but it suggests that you must live as fully as possible until that day comes.

I know it’s impossible to never take a single breath for granted, but commit to taking as few breaths for granted as possible. Now that you know better, you can do better.

I don’t mean to be morbid, my intention is to be real and support you in living a life you’re proud of. If you want help with that, click the link here and we can schedule a time to connect about it!

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