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June 2, 2022

"Nah, bigger."

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I wanted to highlight a quote from a really good friend of mine named Case Kenny. On his podcast New Mindset Who Dis, he shares his gift for taking big concepts and simplifying them into relatable, modernized wisdom. When it comes to the difficult questions of life and living your potential he boils it down to two words: ”Nah, bigger.” 

It’s saying ‘no’ to accepting things how they are right now, and believing that there’s more possibility on the horizon for you. It’s saying ‘no’ to feeling like there’s a permanence to the circumstances you’ve grown to tolerate, and instead aspiring for growth and development. It’s an invitation to step up in your life and a reminder that it’s okay to want more. No matter if things are good, bad, or ugly - "Nah, bigger!"

The reason this is so important to think about is because a lot of people don’t let themselves think this way. They prefer what is comfortable and familiar to what is uncertain and ominous. But with these people, I imagine there’s a part of them that asks themself the question. They wonder what things would be like if they tried something new and exciting. They hear that little voice in their head that craves more out of life, and they wish they had the courage to listen to it more often. But many people don’t, and I want to ask you to reflect on it - Is that you? Are you the type of person that genuinely believes you’re destined for more, but you keep putting it off for later? Are you the type of person that craves to be heard and seen, but you don’t have the confidence to do anything about it so you ignore it?

The first step to materializing everything you want is to acknowledge it. To be honest with where things are and where you want them to be. Bridging that gap is life’s greatest game, and the fact that you’re reading this means that you have the desire to step up for it. Now let’s make it happen!

If you don’t know where to get started with building a better future for yourself, I’m hoping help you with that. If you’re serious about making massive strides and transforming your life faster than ever before, you can join the waitlist for The 3 Day Self-Growth Sprint and establish critical foundations that will catapult you forward when you stop overlooking them. There are limited spots in this first cohort, but you can reserve yours right now.

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